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Web Design Tips for Small Business Sites

By January 9, 2019No Comments

In our technology-dependent economy, it’s a no-brainer for big businesses to maintain sprawling websites with robust e-commerce platforms, well maintained content, and an overview of their social and economic vision in the grand scheme of the American business landscape.

But what about the smaller, more agile entrepreneur? Do small business owners need to maintain a website in the modern economy? The short answer is, “Absolutely!” But as a small business owner, it should stand to reason you will need something different out of your website and the agency that helps you to manage it.

The Advantages of Connecting

Regardless of the shape your website takes, and how complicated an approach you decide to take, there are some significant advantages to digital engagement in the modern economy, according to a study performed by Deloitte.

  • High Earners: Small businesses that engage their market segment online earned two times as much revenue per employee. They also experienced revenue growth four times higher year over year versus companies with little or no digital engagement
  • Expanding: Digital savvy small businesses were three times as likely to create jobs from year to year. They also experienced average employment growth six times higher than companies with no web presence.

However, Deloitte’s study showed that small businesses should be leveraging digital tools and data analytics even more in order to increase and maximize their ability to succeed.

Reasons for Digital Engagement

Small businesses exist in very specific market niches and the most successful leverage their niche any way they can. In the Deloitte study, 38% of small businesses pointed to increased sales and revenue as a benefit of leveraging their online presence to increase market reach and promote their brand.

Businesses that create a strong digital presence online point to a number of organizational improvements – improved communications, employee flexibility, and reduced business costs – as reasons to do so. Collaboration occurs twice as frequently in technology-focused organizations, allowing these organizations to generate value, innovate, and improve productivity.

Barriers to Engagement

While 77% of small business owners are themselves regular users of technology for personal reasons, there were still 40% of small businesses considered to be the least digitally engaged that claim digital tools are “not relevant” to their business. An additional 38% of these low-tech organizations felt digital tools weren’t effective. Barriers aside from lack of awareness as to how technology could serve their business included concerns of privacy and security.

Websites with a Purpose

The advantages are obvious at a business level. When it comes to engaging with clients, the benefits become even clearer.

  • Customers expect you to have an online presence and won’t be able to engage with a brand they cannot find online.
  • Small businesses are often local businesses, and local business searches dominate search engine engagement.
  • A recent study shows 63% of consumers will primarily engage with a company via the company’s website, and if customers cannot find a website to engage with, they question the company’s credibility.
  • A website answers the basics for potential customers and if properly structured, draws those clients in for further engagement with your staff. Since they already know the basics from your website, your staff can focus on customer experience and engagement.
  • A properly optimized and structured website can leverage search engine behaviors to allow your organization to compete directly with larger organizations.

A Partner That Understands Small Businesses

There’s no question that as a small business your organization needs a website. There are a lot of options out there on the market for service providers, but it’s important as a small business owner to seek out a design firm capable of understanding how to leverage digital tools in effective site design to position your company in the most competitive way in your market niche. LNB broductions brings design and consultation expertise to small businesses in Austin, TX and beyond. Let our small business web designers hear your story and learn more about how your brand can hit the digital pavement running.

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