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Optimize Your Website by Using These WordPress Plugins

The WordPress web design platform is an amazingly powerful and popular tool. So popular that it’s used in about 75 million websites. One of the elements that makes WordPress such a versatile web design platform are the plugins that allow expanded marketing functionality to be integrated into the site’s structure. While specific plugins are constantly being introduced onto the market, we’re going to discuss two key categories of WordPress plugins that have become staples in the design industry.

Mobile Responsive Themes

Not strictly plugins, WordPress themes are the framework upon which designers hang their content and provide the support for the plugins that will be integrated later. Many modern WordPress themes are built to capitalize on mobility, as 52% of internet traffic was generated by mobile devices in 2018, a figure that’s almost doubled in the last 5 years. The mobile optimizations that come with these themes help websites drive traffic and help with search engine rankings.

Site Optimization Tools

One of the most important categories of plugins, site optimization tools are built to help websites perform well against other sites with search engines.

Image Optimization

Many of these plugins are designed to control file sizes of images and content. In doing so, website load speeds are maximized and the website will perform better in search engine results.


XML Sitemap Generators

Another important factor for websites to be properly ranked by search engines is a properly formatted sitemap. While the WordPress platform will generate one, there are plugins that create more optimized sitemaps.This will help web admins keep track of indexed pages and notifies search engines like Google of changes made, a huge factor in increasing search engine standings.

Broken Links Tracker

Websites can be negatively impacted with search engines if there are broken links present. Rather than manually testing every link on your website, automated plugins can check for broken links, notify you when a broken link occurs, and provide an interface to update the links.

Site Marketing Plugins

Websites act as the landing page for many businesses, and as such need to be as versatile as possible to be easily adapted to visitor trends.

Sales Landing Pages

Product launches require new page content and this can be easily accomplished with several drag and drop interfaces that allow pages to be quickly built with little technical knowledge.

A/B Page Testing

There are a number of powerful plugins that take the time and effort out of A/B testing of control and variant pages to find out which posts or headlines perform better with visitors.  

CRM Management

If your website is used for lead generation, there are many plugins that allow WordPress sites to export/import leads into your CRM program.  


Web Design For Success

Our mission at LNB Broductions is to make sure your website is built with your future success in mind. We understand the latest trends in WordPress web design and understand how to best leverage the myriad of plugins available on the market. A web design company based out of Austin, Texas, we offer our services of website design, re-design, and rebranding across central Texas and work to build strong relationships with our clients to guarantee their success.  

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