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Design Your E-Commerce Website With End Users In Mind

By November 5, 2018No Comments

Ask any marketing professional worth their salt what the key to a successful product or campaign is, and they will answer, “know your niche, and sell to your niche.” This is the cornerstone of content creation, SEO marketing, advertising copy, and most importantly your ecommerce tool towards which your entire marketing structure should be funneling traffic. Before you put a single item up for sale on your website though, it’s crucial that you first understand your target market.

How to Identify a Target for Your E-Commerce Website

Before you employ someone to write a single line of code for your website, you must first do the legwork of understanding two basic premises:

  • Demand: What problem does your product or service solve, and how prevalent is that problem.
  • Demographic: Research the market to find out who buys existing versions of the product or service you are offering. Gather the demographics and determine who you should be targeting.

Effective Market Analysis Should Inform Design Decisions Later

The key to this process is to not enter into the research phase with preconceptions of who your audience should be. The mission is to find out who it actually is so you can market effectively, requiring engagement with potential customers and targeted market research.

  • Gather Information: Questions you should be answering early in the process include whether or not your solution addresses the needs of a large enough markert and if your product needs to be adjusted to appeal to a wider customer base.
  • Create Customer Profile: Data should lead to a very clear picture of the traits and psychographic data about behavior and habits of your target audience
  • Specific Niche: Profiling will allow you to drill down into client needs and expectations to ensure you can tailor your product and marketing to speak to the very core problems you’re trying to help them solve.
  • Refine Your Targets with Existing Data: Compare your profiles against existing research of the industry segment to drill down even further into identifying your ideal potential customer.
  • Analyze Success of Competition: Look at the market niche to see which potential competitors are leading the pack and look at social media commentary and product reviews to see if you can further refine your product to address common issues or concerns amongst target consumers.
  • Isolate Research to Consumer Reactions to Your Product: Using what you learned from the competition, survey and interview potential customers, and create focus groups in that niche to further iterate on your product design.

Circle Back and Review Your Approach

Put the data to work for you and decide where you need to adjust your product design and targeted niche in order to put the best product on the market and build the best marketing and SEO strategies to support your e-commerce website. This will lead to the most qualified traffic streams that an effective site design can easily convert into leads and sales.

Functionality Designed for the Ideal Customer

Once you’ve successfully nailed down a successful product and the right target demographic, you need a professional and knowledgeable provider to design an e-commerce website to meet your needs. At LNB Broductions, you’ll find a provider that understands e-commerce and understands how to truly leverage the versatility and effective design elements built into Shopify and WordPress. For mobile responsiveness, security, analytics, and ease of use, you can’t find a better all-around solution on the market. When we deploy these tools around the in-depth marketing analysis you’ve used to fine tune your product, it’s a win for you and your customers.

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