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The virtual reality company, Imagine 4D, came to us with a simple problem. Their website was driving away customers.

When you have a product as valuable as Imagine 4D’s (over $2,000,000 per product), you can’t afford losing a single one.

On one hand, they hadn’t put too much into their website, so they could focus all their efforts on a new one. On the other hand, they were starting from scratch. They needed their whole identity put up online, and they needed it fast (approximately 12 weeks start to finish).

Like many of our clients, Imagine 4D was preparing for a major conference they had to deliver on. The future of their company depends on the relationships they make at these conferences.

What was interesting about their situation is that their product could absolutely make a lasting impression. People would visit them at the conferences and be absolutely astounded by the craftsmanship and innovative technology they presented.

However, once the potential customers went back home or to their offices, this presentation would crumble due to Imagine 4D’s online presence. They had no social media and their website was a simple one page with hardly any sort of credibility or authoritative information presented.

So we joined forces with Imagine 4D’s Jason Bingo, Head of Sales and Business Development, and came up with a solution that will continue to serve them for years on end.

Here’s how we did it.

Branding Implementation

A companies’ brand is simply their identity personified. With Imagine 4D, their business was so well developed and their product was so far beyond anything we at LNB had ever seen, that the brainstorming phase was really more of a brain flood. There was no shortage of ideas and concepts with their product.

First, let me give a brief description of Imagine 4D’s product. It’s the most realistic virtual experience possible. They have constructed semi permanent immersive virtual reality stations that businesses can purchase for whatever needs they have including, military simulation, real estate tours and construction visualization. It puts the client inside their environment and allows them to experience it as opposed to putting on goggles and simulating the experience.

An image of Imagine 4D's immersive virtual reality station.

Needless to say, this sort of product is a marketer’s dream and we went wild on idea development. When tossing back and forth designs, we decided on two concepts: the tesseract and the flux capacitor from the film Back to the Future.

Imagine 4D’s name was set in stone and we thought it would be wonderful to work with. Out of the gate, we thought of the model built to represent the fourth dimension, the tesseract. We reminded ourselves of photos and videos we gawked at kids bending our minds trying to understand the fourth dimension. It was a fascinating concept in science and we thought it translated perfectly to Imagine 4D’s brand.

The next concept was the flux capacitor from Back to the Future. Of course this movie has become so popular it’s almost a cliche at this point, but the idea of the flux capacitor and the semblance of it moving those into the future was stimulating from a design standpoint.

In the movie, Doc Brown famously says “This is what makes time travel possible.” Imagine 4D quite literally does the same for many of their clients. They allow their clients to immerse themselves into an alternative reality that often times replicates their future. For example, a construction company might want to survey the property they are going to build before it has even been constructed. With imagine 4D, they don’t have to see it through a computer screen or even through a set of goggles. They can enter an Imagine 4D station and actually visit the future design.

Together with these concepts, LNB was able to create a brand with Jason Bingo that brought Imagine 4D’s identity to life on screen. It would influence the page design and development to a point where we believed their business was palpable and immersive online.

The final logo design for Imagine 4D

Page Design

LNB has developed and strategized our page design so fervently over the years to allow ourselves to get to a point where it is intuitive. It is creatively vital that we get to the point where we can simply interpret the brand into a somewhat predictable layout for customers to flow through without having to fuss over the technicality of coding and data entry.

There are two points of measurement in making these design decisions. There is the integrity of the brand and there is the mindset of the customer who will be going through it.

Still today, many agencies and designers make the mistake of thinking solely about the desires of the company their working with and trying to fulfill their orders. LNB can sometimes revolt against this to a fault. We first consider the companies’ customer. We design in consideration with what they desire and what they need, then we interpret the brand to suit the companies’ identity.

With Imagine 4D, much to the credit of Jason Bingo, this process was seamless. He gave us complete trust and ownership of the design which created a rewarding experience for both parties. We were able to go to the extreme ends of catering to what their customers would want and Jason would simply scale back what he thought was a bit overboard.

Through the weeks of development, our back and forth furthered the image and messaging of their company to a point where their potential customers would have confidence in Imagine 4D and be motivated to take action with one of their products.

Copywriting and Data Implementation

Often times with a redesign, we have a full previous website to work with in terms of generating a baseline of content and copywriting (the writing on the website). With Imagine 4D, this wasn’t the case. They had a previous one page website with little copy. If there was any point of major stress in the development of the site, this was it. 

We had just a few weeks to develop the content and copy for the whole site and time was beginning to press on us at this point.

Again we joined minds with Jason Bingo and translated his copy and ideas on paper to the different designs on the pages.

There are a few different ways we develop copy for websites. LNB can create it, the client can create it, or we can calibrate together on it. Now, there will always be some degree of calibration, but  these are the most distinct ways of defining the processes.

One of the most enjoyable and impactful services we can offer is being able to create copywriting for a companies’ website that satisfies the customer’s desire with the companies’ vision.

In this instance, with Imagine 4D, Jason had much of his vision developed and we could focus on the details of the wording and interpretation of the design.

Website Impact

Quantifying a website’s value and impact is a nearly impossible job. This may sound like an excuse at first, but what many companies’ don’t realize is that a website is a companies’ core marketing platform, the source of its identity, the biggest billboard the company can buy, and an open book into its mission and values. The value of the website goes well beyond simple metrics such as customer acquisition and conforming it down to one metric is surely a mistake that companies’ will pay for in the future.

Of course, customer acquisition is a goal, and often times the most valuable one. It is certainly at the forefront of metrics and should undoubtedly be considered. But for a company as large as Imagine 4D, it is not to be expected for a certain period of time, especially with the value and complexity of their product. 

So, there are other more sophisticated measurements of value such as keywords, traffic and reception from current prospects and customers.

Once completed, the site was put to the test first by garnering reception from current customers. These would be the people whose opinion mattered most. Their feedback was priceless. After the time crunch we endured and the administration of such a giant website, we were admittedly anxious to hear the reception.

To our amazement, it was sensational. The current clients loved it and we could move forward with further analysis. Again to our greatest wishes, it didn’t take long for the site to begin ranking for valuable keywords and start receiving offers to be mentioned on other sites.

One piece of analysis we can point to directly is ranking for the keyword “virtual simulation.” Within a few months of consistent updating and blogging of the site, Imagine 4D began ranking for a relevant keyword that was incredibly valuable for them. We worked them up from nothing to ranking #11 in the world for the keyword “virtual simulation.”

Additional keywords Imagine 4D has started ranking for.

This meant those searching for this keyword could see our website and begin exploring. The website was truly off and running and our design and copywriting was more than validated.

Now, their traffic brings in hundreds of curious potential customers a month with impeccable engagement in their content. Now when they visit conferences, after less than a year of the website being published, people recognize and are familiar with them.

They went from having a website that drove customers away, to one that has customers running to meet them.

Imagine 4D's ranking from their first month live in December 2018 (200 sessions) to June 2019 (442 sessions).

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