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Many of us have transitioned from DSLR’s to the Blackmagic line of cameras. In terms of cost, it’s one of the most reasonable steps young filmmakers can take. Getting a new camera is alot of fun, but it also comes with a learning curve. Here are the top seven things I learned that helped me the most while shooting with the Blackmagic.

1. Expose to the Right

This is one of the biggest things I wish I’d done with many of my early projects. You will want to crush the noise in the blacks and the only way to do that is by exposing to the right.

2. Use ASA 800

The native ISO/ASA of the camera is 800. This is confusing for many of us coming from dslr’s. On my old t2i, ISO 800 SUCKED. On the BMPCC, ASA 800 is the only way to get your full spectrum of dynamic range. You know the full 13 stops that’s alway toted and bragged about (as it should be)? it doesn’t happen at ASA 200 or 400! So use ASA 800.

3. Consider Metabones

The metabones is truly magical. It’s worth the money %100. Canon, Sigma and Tamron glass are awesome. Being able to use all of canon’s glass is amazing and you can find affordable IS lenses that you’ll love.

4. Only Buy San Disk Extreme Pro Cards

Just don’t risk buying anything else. They work perfect and they have sizes up to 512 GB. I bought one 256 gb and four 64gb because if one goes out, I’m not totally screwed.

5. Find a Cage

The SmallRig Cage for the BMPCC was a revelation to me. It may not have the same level of impact on your day to day shoots, but I have a bad habit of being rough with my equipment. Once I slipped my BMPCC into this aluminum alloy cage, my confidence in shooting skyrocketed.

6. Get External Batteries

The Sony NP-F line of batteries are used all throughout film gear. Whether it be, external monitors, lights or cameras, the NP-F batteries can most likely power it. For the BMPCC, the NP-F970 provides hours of power. This is exactly what I needed, which I’m sure is the case for many filmmakers.

7. Consider an External Monitor

This isn’t part of my rig yet, so I can’t fully endorse its use. But I have been salivating over this piece of gear for a long time. Any type of monitor other than the BMPCC’s internal monitor will be extremely useful, wether you’re indoors or outdoors.

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