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How to Market Your Business on a Budget

Marketing activities are vital to the success of every business. The scope of a company’s marketing efforts are naturally dictated by the budget a company is able to put towards those efforts. For new businesses and small businesses with limited budgets, the scope of small business marketing efforts might be smaller, but must accomplish just as much by attracting business and building the brand’s reputation. Let’s dig deeper into how a small business can build brand recognition and attract clients on limited resources.

The Personal Touch

If you’ve built your small business up from nothing, there is little you enjoy more than sharing your brand’s story with those you encounter throughout the course of your day, whether it’s during business hours or after hours. As much as you might prefer a little work/life balance and to keep things separated, it never hurts to do a little marketing while out and about if the opportunity presents itself.

Elevator Pitch Away

Before launching any marketing efforts, you need to be able to talk about your brand in person. Develop an elevator pitch that you can leverage in everyday interactions to sell potential clients on your brand. The more deeply you can capture someone’s attention with your story, the more opportunities you’ll create for your business.

Community is What You Make of It

If events you or family members participate in, such as sports or races, allow for sponsorship, don’t let the opportunity to garner good will in the community go to waste. Local sponsorship will be money well spent in showing your brand’s community ties, and expose your brand to a cohort you might otherwise miss in other advertising channels.

Collaborative Cross-Promotion

Small businesses tend to be hyper-focused in the scope of services they offer, and because of this focus, they benefit greatly from collaborations with local companies that are considered synergistic and non-competitive. Through collaborative marketing, you are effectively increasing the reach of each company to new clients that each company may otherwise never have been able to access.  

Videos Now Showing On a Social Media Platform Near You

Driving sales and building brand awareness are driving factors for small businesses when leveraging digital marketing tools. And in the current advertising landscape, video content seems to be leaving all other advertising content in the dust. It’s been leveraged so effectively thus far in the market that 51% of marketing professionals pointed to video content in 2017 as providing the best ROI. With the right tools and strategy in place, quality content is easy to generate and if deployed effectively across social media, can do more with little monetary investment than even the most expensive of marketing campaigns

A Firm for All of Your Small Business Marketing Needs

As a small business owner, you’re already wearing any number of hats on a given day. Responsible for accounting, product development, research, and any other task your team might need to tackle, wouldn’t it be nice if you could partner up with a firm like LNB Broductions to take the stress of marketing off of your plate?  We understand modern marketing trends, and we can tailor design a brand-based advertising campaign, complete with a small targeted website and video content that will help to tell your story on multiple platforms. And because we understand the challenges of running a small business, you won’t have to spend like a big company to get marketing materials that put you on their level.

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