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TelResource & LNB broductions

Never suffer from an off brand website again

For nearly 10 years they had been running through designers and investing over and over again, only to be dissatisfied until we came together and built their current platform.

Services Rendered

How TelResource and LNB worked together

The biggest reason for this project coming together was Larry Gomez’s (TelResource Founder) foresight into taking a chance with us. He took a chance and believed in us and we did our absolute best by communicating every step of the way.

The TelResource team treated us like family and now we are working on building a marketing campaign to rev the engine we built together.

Services Rendered  :

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Videography
  • Photography

Video Promo

This promo is a brand awareness short that can be used across instagram, linked in, facebook and more.