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Soundcream Airstream


Soundcream Airstream is a rolling discotech that brings the party to you. The owners of Soundcream Airstream, Andres and Danielle Rizo, started their company with a decked out party airstream and huge dreams.


The only problem was they needed a website to help them get one of the biggest deals of their life. If they were successful, they would be bringing the party to hundreds of people every Wednesday for years to come.


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How We Did it

Creating a strong brand online.


As often is the case with projects like this, time was of the essence and we had to create something quick so we could develop extensively behind the scenes. We actually started Soundcream Airstream with a beautiful one page website they could use to show their potential partners. If successful, we would build out the full site.


Well, the goal of acquiring their partner in the Pearl was achieved. They landed a deal that brings them regular business for four months out of the year every week. They now play in front of hundreds of happy kids, parents and community members. Their website was one of the tools they used to leverage their legitimacy.

The process of working with LNB was seamless. They felt like a part of our team and the result, of course, was exactly what we wanted.

Andres RizoCo-Owner of The Hoppy Monk
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Soundcream Airstream Case Study

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Our vision for the website was to present the brand and company as the amazing spectacle it is in person. If you ever go to one of their events (we highly recommend it), you will be immersed in different cultures, awesome visuals, and of course, incredible music. We communicated this on their website by creating a thorough and expansive calendaring system that would keep people up to date on the lates events coming up for Soundcream Airstream.

We started Soundcream Airstream from the ground up online. And since starting, they now are receiving hundreds of hits to their website and receive at least two quality leads a month.

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