Before Broductions

The site needed everything from a brand repositioning, to massive data reorganization and total site redesign.

Lonestar Soccer Lonestar Soccer New site

We felt things were a bit cluttered and scattered, so we made sure to make everything super easy and fun for the user to experience.

How we organized over 105 different pages down to a clear concise 12

The thing that made everything easier was working with people that were open. One common conflict is working with people who don’t disclose everything they need to. Even though they had been burned we made them feel like we could be trusted and in that trust they allowed us to research, learn and dig as needed.

Services Performed
  • Web Design
  • Data Migration of over 105 pages
  • Less than 30 day deadline
  • Hosting Setup
  • Mobile Responsiveness
Meeting Your Goals

How we got through our 30 day deadline

After a couple brief meetings to make sure we were a match we sought out to slay this timed bomb. If we made any wrong moves the whole website, could have blown up before thousands of people (digitally speaking of course).

They needed it to be on their own hosting since their previous one had essentially given them 30 days to vacate the premises before total disconnection. On top of that they would have to find someone to harvest their current info, re design everything from the pages to the pictures, and build it on a hopefully better system.

We did everything and more on time to help them move 2 days before deadline with time to spare.


Easy to Learn

Wordpress based so we could teach them to be self independent so more focus could be on marketing rather than surviving

Own Your Hosting

On their hosting and handing the keys over to them, they call us for tune ups and expanding their site.

Less can be more

Created simple, beautifully intractable forms for all the parents placing their kids through soccer increasing lead generation “Lonestar added 102 leads within two months”.
E Commerce Case Study
Grab our case study to go behind the scenes of how we increased their revenue by 30%

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