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Showcase Your Organization with Corporate Photography

By December 10, 2018No Comments

When you read the term “corporate photography,” the first thing that pops into your head is probably a stock photo of a group of businessmen standing in a glassed in conference room, overlooking a city, passing documents back and forth, followed by images of them smiling and shaking hands. However, companies have started integrating more storytelling and imagery into their branding, and the resulting shift in corporate photography could be a lucrative niche for digital marketing agencies to latch onto as companies seek to humanize themselves relative to the competition.

Tugging At the Hearts and Minds of Customers

There’s something about putting a human face to the services a customer is buying that shifts the sales rhetoric from “buy my product” to “experience what it’s like to use my product,” a very powerful marketing shift that builds trust and connection with the client base and sets your brand apart in their head from your competition.

Familiar Faces Help to Navigate Your Brand

Branding your company across digital media, social media, brochures, sales materials, and other mediums not with static locations and generic shots of buildings or office space but rather with shots of your leadership in the field, interacting with actual clients personalizes the brand. Images of your team working together, using your actual products and services, create the foundation for marketing initiatives that can be used as social media content anchors and provide familiar visual cues when your off-site linking draws them back to your marketing initiative’s webpage.

A Face and Place You Already Know and Trust

If you’re properly leveraging corporate photography to show your employees working in your office space with clients in your service segment, chances are by the time they call you to schedule an appointment, they feel like they already know you and your company’s culture. They’ve seen you helping others, and they’ve seen in your office space that how you care for your business. Feeling that connection, clients will be less hesitant to reach out to you.

Let Them See You Outside of the Business

One opportunity to truly allow clients to connect with your employees and your brand is to feature your clients and employees taking part in your organization’s corporate events. Let them see the brand and culture without the “office” filter in place and get to know the people who at the core make up your brand.

Become a Stand Out in Austin’s Sea of Commerce

The Austin business scene is highly competitive, and any edge up on the competition that helps to showcase your brand and set you apart is worth the investment. Partner with LNB Broductions, a digital marketing firm that understands the power of effectively shot and well-leveraged photography across your brand and find out how you can build the strength of your business’s visual presence.

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