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Ensure Your Kickstarter’s Success with a Compelling Story

Kickstarters with a video have a success increase of 30% to 50%. Scroll down to check out one of the Kickstarter videos we created for someone who generated $12,000.

“I think everyday is a personal lesson. I can say, I'm not the same person I was when I started Lucio than who I am right now.”

Maria Galvan
Owner of Lucio Tailoring

Lucio Tailoring's Kickstarter

Maria Galvan, the owner of Lucio Tailoring, spent years perfecting her craft. When the time came to unveil it to the world, all that needed to be done was honestly capture her process on video.

Creating a video allowed for her to solidify her brand’s direction and project that out to her audience.


Video is the simplest way to demonstrate products and services. We've all seen amazing product demonstrations that are not only entertaining to watch, but are really useful to understanding how a product or service works. Kickstarter rewards when people do this at a professional level.


Video is highly shareable when it comes time to start promoting your Kickstarter. Many people’s first move is to blast out their video on social media. It's a great way to get a boost of likes, comments and shares to spread the word on your project.


Videos add to credibility showing that creators have put the time and effort in. When someone views your video your tone will be set. Making sure video is at the highest level possible is important because it's usually your first impression with a visitor.


A video allows you to show some of your brand’s personality. A new company/idea may not have their brand sorted out completely sorted out, but a Kickstarter video allows potential patrons to preview this.

Why Choose LNB Broductions

Our Experience

My brother and I have nearly a decade of experience working from business consultation services to videography to designing websites for small business. We have plenty of videos for you to peruse in our portfolio.

It is finally happening and it wouldn't be possible without you guys. I owe you both a huge hug and soooo much more!

Maria GalvanOwner of Lucio Tailoring

Our Method of Filming

Our method of filming is inspired by film and video that have a real and intimate approach to cinematography. We guide our technical choices towards building a picture that can speak not only to the logic of your audience’s reasoning, but to their hearts.

LNB's Way of Thinking

The only way small businesses will succeed is if we help each other

We put this information out because we know how important it is. Putting out a Kickstarter for a business/creative idea is a huge step towards fulfilling your vision. We've seen first hand how a professional video has impacted people.

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