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Our Story

How to tell a story and lead customers to your doors

One night, after a random terrible day, I barged into the Hoppy Monk upset and barked for a beer and burger. I took my first bite into the duchesse burger and my problems began to melt away.

Shortly after I met the owner, Pedro Longoria, I told him the story of how his food and restaurant helped me through a serious time. That's how our friendship began.

Hoppy Monk & LNB

LNB & Hoppy Monk's Project

We began with a small idea. Eventually it flourished into a mini documentary- telling a story about how The Hoppy Monk all began and who they want to target.

Now we have gone from telling their story on video to doing it with their website. Visit to see the full website we developed for them.

Services Rendered: 

  • Videography
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Photography

Video Promo Example

This video was used in a marketing campaign for the Hoppy Monk’s anniversary event in December 2017.