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Corporate and Testimonial Videos

Create Testimonials of Your

Greatest Clients to Attract More

Most businesses are different from the audience they’re trying to target. Having a video testimonial shows visitors who exactly your customer is and that you communicate with them.

“We have vendor partners, but we very much consider CRIF a partner because we wouldn't achieve our level of success without them.”

Dennis James
CRIF Client

The Ultimate Testimonial Experience

We had two hours to get ten testimonials. CRIF Lending Solutions hired us to film ten of their best client's testimonials. We took one hour to set up, one hour to break down, and two hours to shoot the best testimonials CRIF had ever seen. Check out one of the testimonials we did for them on the left.

Top Quality

We have been professionally filming testimonials for six years. We've dialed down exactly what will work. Check out the main videography page for a full breakdown of our equipment and how we use it.

Audience Insights

We make sure to have a solid understanding of your business before we interview your clients. Capturing an authentic interview can only happen when the conversation comes out naturally.

Efficiency and Speed

It's common for testimonials to be shot at events. Its a great opportunity because everyone is buzzing and in the rhythm of speaking. Of course, it's usually pretty hectic during these events, so we make sure to organize well before to ensure a speedy and efficient process.

Open Communication

It's never over when the camera quits rolling. In some ways, it's just beginning. We make our creative decisions based on your business's needs and having open communication is essential to this process.

vimeo review process lnbbroductions testimonial video

Cutting Edge Tools

After the editing is finished, it’s review time. Using Vimeo’s review system makes reviewing testimonials a breeze. You simply leave your notes on the actual video and we’ll take care of the rest.

Corporate Events and Testimonials

Our Event Experience

If you spend money on a nice location, great speakers and an overall amazing experience with your events, you're missing opportunities if you're not capturing it and blasting it out for the world to see. Events are where some company's most pivotal moments happen. Contact us to see how we can help with yours.

I can't say enough good things about LNB. We suggest, regardless of your company or what type of entity and needs you have, you look them up and visit with them.

Bryan BrownFounder and President of Lonestar Soccer Club

Your Ideal Testimonial

An honest testimonial can be the tipping point to a sale. If your audience sees your hitting it out of the park, they will be all the more likely to contact your business.

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