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Imagine your website working for you. 24/7.

Not just a glorified business card.

How do you stand out?

How do you pierce through obscurity?

Does your site help you sell? Does it tell your story? Does it tell your client’s story and position you as the expert?

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     This page is working 24/7 day and night

    We built this to handle objections, screen out people who aren’t serious and give crucial information to help you on your journey. I understand that you’re trying to get to the next level somehow or you wouldn’t be searching.

    Whether that’s building a brand, re-designing your brand, developing a video promo, or upgrading your site to help sell better. You can find it with LNB broductions as your team.


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    Why Should You Listen to Us?

    What do you have your 10,000 hours in? For us it’s web design, video production and branding. There are two owners of this business. Brandon and Louis Borrego. There are brothers and have worked together since they were born.

    Louis the older started working on websites at the age of 16, he is 28 as of right now and worked under his business mentor in a wellness practice at the age of 18. That business went from 25,000 - 250,000 a month in less than 5 years.

    Shortly after that mentor developed a consultant firm that has brought hundreds of doctors across the country achieve similar goals. After seeing entrepreneurship everyday we were inspired to do it ourselves.

    So we created a brand where we could utilize our talents and skills sharpened after nearly of decade of working in the marketing & business industry, where we could partner with brands to work as a plug in and play extension of their team.

    We can take you to the next level. We make your life easier, make you look 10X better, and save you time and money.

    *All of the businesses above have benefitted from LNB’s services in some form, whether it be web design, videography, photography, graphic design or marketing. Many have given written and video testimonials.

    Here’s What We’re Offering

    A team that will help position you as an expert online. Along with providing the fundamentals to give you the best opportunity online to have your own “Salemanship in Digital Print”

    Attention Grabbing Headline

    The headline we write for you will grab your customer’s attention and lead them down the page.

    Bold Call to Action

    We will create a bold call to action for your business.

    Engaging Content

    We’ll build a platform where you can create and spread your content.

    Chat Capability

    We can create a chat function that allows visitors to conact you immediatley.

    Our Simple 3 Step Process

    Choose Plan

    Why Work With LNB?

    • You are worthy of a team that can help you thrive, build and grow, not just looking for a paycheck.
    • We could save you hundreds of thousands over years by having your own marketing team as your right hand without having to hire extra employees.
    • We’re not afraid to be real with you, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Sometimes you need people that won’t BS you into things.

    Industries We’ve Helped

    • Restaurants
    • Telecom
    • IT
    • Tech
    • Retail
    • Jewelry
    • Financial
    • Wealth Management
    • Medical/ Alternative Medicine
    • Event Organizations
    • Non-Profits
    • Wellness

    Our Certifications and Accolades

    Testimonials From Our Clients

    Hear from some of our most successful clients how we’ve worked with them to
    create a powerful online salesman that will serve them for years to come.

    Maria Galvan 00:45

    Owner of Lucio Tailoring Company

    “It instantly upscaled the look of my website. Once I started working with LNB, it was the perfect way to make my brand and my website completely in tune.”

    Bryan Brown 6:31

    President of Lonestar Soccer Club

    “They’ll explain how easy it can be. They’ll handle everything for you and make it easy.”

    Olga and Valdo Araiza 5:33

    Owners of Copalli Cafe

    “The flow [of our website] is great. Everything is modern and now you can easily scroll and find what you need. It looks especially good on a mobile site.”


    “We used LNB broductions for our website and, quite frankly, we couldn’t be happier. Louis and the team were very accessible, completely responsive to our needs and always interested in hearing our points of view; while offering fresh and new perspectives themselves.”

    Peter Smith, President of Vibhor Gems

    “I was very pleased with the level of care LNB offered, specifically in the copywriting process, as we were able to seamlessly blend professional jargon with common language to communicate my passion.If you are interested in having yourself or your company represented online, these guys will not only honestly display your vision, but enhance it to a caliber beyond your expectations. I will be referring clients to LNB as often as possible.”

    Austin Boehnlein, Owner of Positive Pump Fitness


    Why invest in a website if my business doesn’t depend on it right now?

    What are your goals for the next 5 years? Are you looking to sell your company? Grow your company? Or are just looking to stay at a plateau?

    When I hear it doesn’t depend on it and yet people are still searching that usually means I know there is another way to get leads or position myself better

    My business is referral based right now so I feel like it’s not my top priority.

    And yet, here you are. Searching. I agree that it may not feel like a top priority all the time but I know you do feel there is something missing.

    That missing something is growth. A team to help protect you and guide you, to help you seize opportunities.

    Even if you’re business is referral based, that means that you’re relying on hope and chance. Hope that your people will give you business. And the chance that it will be consistent enough for years to help you grow.

    But as most business owners know, or have survived long enough to figure out. You must scale to survive. Staying small is the death of small business.

    I’ve known “mom and pops” who have been open for 30 years and have to close down because a new more innovative company, gobbled them up. Grow or die.

    What are your rates?

    I love this question. It usually means you’re serious about moving forward if the value exceeds your expectations. In order to get the rates we need to figure out what you’re willing to invest in and how that investment meets your expectations.

    So we meet and talk for 30 minutes or less (over the phone or in person whichever you prefer). Then we can build a couple options that fits your needs with what you’re comfortable with.

    If you are reading this far, it means that you’re already destined to do better than 99% of business owners who can’t focus and figure out a solution.

    Imagine if you wanted to sell the business at some point but you don’t have your brand right? And what about your digital presence? If it was right you wouldn’t be looking at this page.

    It’s a no brainer to give us your email so we can schedule a time to chat for a brief minute or so. Give us five minutes and if you don’t feel like its worth it, let me know and I will hang up on myself.

    Our Promise

    We promise to treat you as if you were our own family, making you a part of a team and to always provide the highest level of service that you have ever encountered.  

    Our Guarantee

    If you are not fully satisfied with your website once it is live and fully migrated then we will give you a full refund. 

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    Remember all this is for a limited time. And if you call or fill out the form by today we will give you first priority on our client list.