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On April 27th, ATX gals had an art gallery exhibit to showcase some of Austin’s most unique and fascinating female artist. Below are the Top 5 reasons you should never miss another one.

1. The artists are amazing

The show was packed to the brim and everyone was loving all the artists. Monica (one of the founders of ATX Gals) has hand chosen some of the best female artist for Austin to admire and this show was nothing short of incredible.

I was floored at the beauty, style and grace that so many of these women portrayed in their pieces.

Neena was one of my favorites. She had one of the most beautiful gem style art pieces that reminded me of my father’s brilliant career as a jeweler. When my brother and I were growing up he had these gorgeous blue gemstones out just lying around the house.

Neena gave me endless nostalgic chills. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her work.

Roshi K was the other artist that caught my eye, not only her paintings but her beautiful aura of a person. Her smile was very warm and inviting, we spoke about our love of animations and being low key japanese anime/animation admirers, swapping stories and such.

Her pieces struck me as powerful and awe inspiring. She portrayed her characters as mythical beings in a way that wasn’t out of reach for us mere mortals but as moments of female empowerment.

Monica Ceniceros another one of my favorite artist from the gallery, who also happens to be one of the founders of ATX gals, unveiled some of her most recent work at the gallery.

And they were stunning to say the least. 

To me, there are so many emotions running wild and free in her work, with a beautiful symmetry that is irresistible to the eye. When you look at her work it gives me a feeling of wondrous awe with an elegant structure and grace.

I found myself staring for quite some time after taking pictures. She was also very cordial and an excellent host to the party itself.

It became clear that these artists not only had great paintings but great hearts.

2. Open Bar

Who doesn’t love an open bar? How about an open bar with some of the best liquor there is?

ATX Gals garnered some of the best liquor I’ve ever had and on top of that, most of it was local! Tequila is my personal drink of choice. Usually a reposado on the rocks will do the night justice, and it did. Sipping the tequila, I wandered around and met some amazing people into the night. Here are some of my favorites I tried that night ( I am sure you’ve heard of most of ’em) –

3.  Networking Galore

This place was swarming with great vibes and good people. The vibe was filled to the brim with gratitude and excitement. I was taken back consistently on how approachable many of the people were, particularly the artists.

I am always down to meet and talk with people if they are selling an honest product or service and I felt like this was the same without any overbearing tone. It felt natural when I was approached or when I spoke to someone.

I feel like many people don’t want to go to some art galleries because of the possible pretentious or high falootin vibe, but there really wasn’t much of that at all.

Mostly just local Austinites that were looking spiffy and loved art.


4. The Music/vibe was perfect

If you needed some place to go and take a date, or a night out with your significant other, this would have been perfect. The vibe was just right to skate along the gorgeous gallery of artwork surrounded by friendly faces, plus the night becoming rosier as the open bar beckoned you.

It had the ingredients for a happy couple’s night out without a doubt.

5. Supporting your local artists

Now more than ever is a great time to get out there and support your local artists. It’s not always just going there and buying something, even something as simple as going, taking a picture and shouting them out on facebook or instagram can really help the artists.

It’s very difficult to make a living as an artist and even harder as a painter and even harder as a female painter or artist, so it’s important that you get out there and give them your support any way you can, even if it’s just a smile and a hug.

I felt inspired by the hunger Austin seemed to have to feed its local artists with love and investment. I can’t wait for another ATX gals event, I am sure it’ll only get better from here and according to Monica this was one of their smaller events so I am curious to see the next.

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