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Two Brothers Who Started
A Digital Marketing Agency
Based in Austin Texas

We're not just a team. We're family. And throughout the years we've met other like minded people to work with on our journey.


From the Big City to an Even Bigger City

Almost ten years ago, LNB Broductions started in San Antonio and relocated to Austin, Tx. We moved in search of greater opportunity to learn and grow. While it was a whirlwind getting started in the competitive city that is Austin, Tx, we are grateful to now be integrated into the thriving culture.


The idea man who strategizes like a lightning bolt

We jokingly say Louis is like a lightning bolt in the business. When someone is in need of an answer and everyone is sitting around stumped, Louis comes in like a lightning bolt with a brilliant idea.

But he’s not just an idea man. Louis started creating websites only ten years after the internet began. When he was sixteen, he built his first website for an automotive company and has been learning online strategies ever since.

Check out some of Louis’ work below to get a better idea of who he is and some of the different projects he’s involved in.

Web Design Youtube Channel

Louis’ Youtube channel, Wubba Lubba Web Dev, goes over all kinds of different web design and entrepreneurial topics. Whether, it’s about WordPress, Copywriting or Sales, he’s got you covered.

Articles on Story and Copywriting

Having owned a business for nearly a decade now, we’ve had to learn everything from salesmanship to copywriting. Louis’ articles focus on that and give unique insight from someone in the field.

LoFi Channel for Entrepreneurs

Want to know what content creators listen to while they’re working? Check out Louis’ Youtube Channel, Wubba Lubba Lo Fi, and don’t miss his lo fi video that has over 600,000 views!

Wubba Lubba Web Dev

Youtube Channel

The Art of Storytelling

Read the Blog

Zelda Lo Fi Mix

600,000+ Views


The systems man who has the bigger picture in mind

While Louis is creating new ideas and strategizing with people, Brandon is creating the road to success. We jokingly refer to him as the workhorse who puts his head down and buries himself in projects.

Brandon started editing video when the first major consumer platform, Final Cut Studio, came out. He was only in high school and made his first short film on it and he still uses Final Cut for his projects today almost ten years later.

Check out some of Louis’ work below to get a better idea of who he is and some of the different projects he’s involved in.

Videography Youtube Channel

Brandon’s Youtube Channel, The Dark Art of Blackmagic, was started because he was in a niche camera market and had to share his knowledge. Over the years, he’s had some controversial as well as popular opinions that have overall pushed the conversation forward.

Web Design and Videography Writing

More than anything in business, Brandon finds writing to be his passion. He’s always loved to write and what better to write about than something you love?

News Source for Joe Rogan

One of Brandon’s most surprising and successful projects has been the creation of JRE News with Louis Borrego. JRE News covers all kinds of topics surrounding the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Fans of JRE have to check it out!

The Dark Art of Blackmagic

Youtube Channel

The Ultimate Audio Comparison Test

Read the Blog

JRE News

News Source for Everything JRE

How LNB Creates a Website

1. Research

We research competitors and get into the heads of your audience.

3. Implement

We implement our SEO and Marketing strategies from ground up.

2. Build

The build process is streamlined and simple.

4. Optimize

We constantly analyze and revise to make things better.

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