If your business has a worthless website,

LNB broductions can make it worthy

Get a superior team to help you develop content, a marketing platform (website), videography, photography, copywriting (writing on a site) and landing pages to attract and funnel opportunity for lead generation.

The very first thing you should do before starting a new website

How are you going to position your brand(s) to your audience, select your target audience and build content for each market segment? Brand image and positioning is crucial. Nowadays, if you don’t at least have a website, people might not take you seriously. It’s even worse if what you’re saying doesn’t match your target audience. Brand image, positioning, and targeting your audience needs to be taken into account before you’ve written one word on your site.

“I could have positioned Dove as a detergent bar for men with dirty hands, but chose instead to position it as a toilet bar for women with dry skin. This is still working 25 years later.”

– David Ogilvy

( Ogilvy & Mather on Dove)

Do you make the mistake of keeping a web designer that is non responsive?

Imagine you are preparing for a marketing ad that requires you to make adjustments to the website. You’ve already told your web designer multiple times to make the adjustments. The ad goes out and to your dismay, no changes have been made, so you scramble to get a hold of your designer/agency. They will not take responsibility and take forever on the adjustments. Or worse, they charge you extra for something you already paid for. 

Has this ever happened to you? No one’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean a company shouldn’t apologize and solve their client’s challenges. Don’t make the mistake of sticking around with people that consistently do not follow through or fulfill their promises.

See how easily we can make your competitors jealous with this secret

Okay so here’s the secret. We ask the right questions and listen more than we talk. May the eye rolling commence. Yes, I know it may not be an epiphany, but this business is all about asking the right questions, getting to know you on a deep level , knowing your vision and knowing how committed you are to your own vision.

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5 reasons you can rely on LNB broductions for amazing communication and responsiveness you deserve

1. Average Response Time – We have an average response time of 2-3 hours for all clients. It’s not unusual for us to get in contact within the hour or even sooner if there is a meeting in place. This includes emails, texts and phone calls.

2. Research for Success |Looking before we leap – Before you make any investment it’s always a great idea to understand the demand and need for your product or service. Research is a crucial part of success in the online market.

Check out our video to see how we helped another business achieve better positioning through one of the aspects of the research process, one on one interviewing.

* A client testimonial talking about LUCIO’s aprons. 

3. We cap the amount of clients we work with per month – We do this by always vetting out each client and making sure we will work well together. We are not a fit for everyone, and that’s okay, but the people we are a fit for usually want a partner in their business, not just another number. We cap the amount of clients per month so we do not sacrifice time, quality or deadline expectations.

4. Access to everything – I think we can agree that we have all felt the pain of working with a web designer that doesn’t give you access or makes you feel like he or she’s hiding something. We don’t hold anything back, and we give you access to everything. To us, it’s about trusting and communicating each step of the way. It’s the lack of communication that really causes this distrust, which is why we do everything we can to avoid and nurture a reliable relationship.

5. How much you can save working with us – Picture this. We package everything together so you don’t have to find, and negotiate with each provider separately. A typical professional* videographer cost could be anywhere from 1-10,000(upwards), same with a photographer and web designer. Not to mention, if you want to connect everything and work with a digital marketer, that could be the same investment or more.

We do all web design, all videography, all landing pages, all strategy  and all copywriting in house. 

Photography is the only skill we outsource depending on the needs of the client. The majority of photography is done in house. 

Warning: Too many business websites suck, stop letting your competition get ahead and let us do the work for you

Contact Info :

Louis Borrego 



Our Promise: If you do not feel satisfied after our initial consultation or you feel we wasted your time in any way, we will send you a bottle of San Antonio’s finest Tequila along with a couple David Ogilvy books. ( Google David Ogilvy, you will thank us later ) 

You have a great business let’s make it a great marketing platform to match it